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Fastest Way to Build Muscle

The fastest way to build muscle and by that I mean build big muscle should -in a similar way to all other fitness goals- follow a combined, focused attitude towards your Training, Diet and Exercise. This focus will ensure you gain maximum muscle from your program.

Seeing as that your aim is to build muscle Fast I take you want to build some solid muscle mass in a short period of time say 3/4/5 weeks. With this in consideration the best approach is to juristically alter your Exercise and Nutrition during this time while still sticking to the fundamental, tried and tested principles of building muscles.

This will ensure that the Muscles of the Body are forced to grow!

Too often people use the same training and eating habits when trying to Gain Muscle Fast. Over a prolonged period of time the body just grows stagnant from the same un-stimulating exercises and mundane nutrition.

You and your workout!


Low repetitions such as in the 1-5 are used for building strength, speed and power. However, seeing as that our primary focus is on muscle hypertrophy (building lean muscle) the reps should be kept in the 6-12 range.

Anything over 12 reps will build muscle but more muscle condition as oppose to out-and-out lean muscle mass gains. Consequently, 6-12 reps is the best option.


4-10 sets should be allocated to each muscle group. This will be optimal for muscle regeneration and development provided you are using a reasonably heavy weight with good form.

Going over 10 sets could break your muscle down too much leaving you susceptible to overtraining and injury which halts any improvement immediately.


Fastest way to Build Muscle

Timing is one of the most disregarded things for people who are aiming build muscle Fast. Timing will help stress the muscles more thus breaking down the muscle more.

A tell-tale sign is if this works is that it contributes to causes of sore muscles. A good thing for muscle builders!

Timing can be altered like so;

--Declining for the duration of 4 seconds-inclining for 1 second.

4-Rest Period

When building muscle no more than 40 seconds should be taken between sets. This brings intensity to your weight lifting session which will help shock nervous system into growth.


Super setting is another aspect which is often disregarded in building muscle mass workout regimes. Super setting is when 2 different exercise of different muscle groups are done without rest.

For example, Dumbbell rows for 8 reps then elevated push-ups for 12 reps. This also brings intensity to your workout a pivotal aspect to build muscle fast.

Eat to Get BIG!

-- Typical Gain Muscle Mass and Serious Size Diet for an Ecto/Endomorphs -

Calories -- bodyweight in lbs x 22

Protein -- bodyweight in lbs x 1.6

Carbs -- bodyweight in lbs x 2.5

Fats -- bodyweight in lbs x .50

-- Typical Gain Muscle Mass and Serious Size Diet for a Mesomorph --

Calories -- bodyweight in lbs x 20

Protein -- bodyweight in lbs x 1.4

Carbs -- bodyweight in lbs x 2.5

Fats -- bodyweight in lbs x .45

Protein - Your protein intake should be made up of whey, chicken/turkey breasts, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Carbs - Your carb sources should be mainly low G.I foods such as oats, brown rice and wholemeal bread. Also include your five-a-day fruit and vegetable requirements.

Fats - Too make up the rest of your fat requirements extra virgin olive oil, oily fish, cashew nuts, almonds etc. Should make up for this.

A Low-Fat diet is a definite no-no when trying to build muscle fast. Eating fat increases the quantity of anabolic (muscle mass building) hormones in your body such as Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Insulin like growth factor (IGF-1)

Water - 1 gallon per day (4 litres). Essential for absorption of all your precious muscle build nutrients!

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