Danger lump in the neck

The neck of my right there was a lump but small and can be moved, when I hold the lump could be shifted under the skin layer. this time I did not feel any pain but if exhausted and no body in good condition and right neck pain. lump and surrounding areas a bit sore when pressed, the second in my right armpit is also a small lump beans and no pain when pressed, and I also did not experience any pain in that area. please penjelasanya father, if the lump is dangerous or not, and what I should do.

Danger lump in the neck

Originally lumps in the body depend on the body part where the lump is. But generally associated with one of the existing structures in the area. So theoretically can be derived from skin, hair, sweat glands, lymph nodes, fat, blood vessels, muscles and so on. But there is a lump in the neck or armpits are generally derived from the lymph nodes.

Enlarged lymph nodes can be caused by many things, but most often caused inflammation / infection, namely the entry of germs into the body. For example, if there is a tooth infection can occur enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or when there is injury / infection in the arm will arise enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit.

Generally it is not too dangerous infections with antibiotics and good healing process faster. There is a type of infection that is somewhat difficult to treat an infection due to tuberculosis germs, because it takes a combination of several antibiotics and duration of treatment was long enough (can be up to 1 year). In addition to the infection may also be due to allergies and the process is more rare but needs serious treatment is due to cancer (malignant tumor) that can be derived from the lymph node itself or spread from elsewhere.

So that is important in the face of a lump in the neck or armpit is to detect whether there is the possibility of cancer or not. If the infection is generally not classified as a dangerous thing. Steps that can be taken is to consult with a physician to determine the cause.

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